Monday, June 29, 2009

Fly More For Less

The world wide economic slowdown will leave an impact on air travel industry this year. As per The International Air Transport Association (IATA) the airline industry is going to suffer a $62 billion (12 percent) fall in revenues this year.

The impact of economic slowdown can be felt globally in almost all the sectors directly or indirectly. In these hard conditions of economic slowdown the Middle Eastern carriers were the only ones in the world to experience growth in March this year but the rest of the months may be hard time for them also to loose many million dollars.

After hitting United States of America and European countries the economic slowdown is eating jobs of many employees in rest of the world. Almost all commercial sectors are struggling to fight this global economic slowdown. Airline industry is one of them which are suffering a big loss all over the world. Despite all these hard conditions the various airlines is providing many discount offers to attract the domestic customer. Here’s what some of them are currently offering :
  1. The ‘e-Deals’ have been launched by Etihad Airways which will be available on the airline’s website every Monday and Tuesday. The airline is providing UAE residents low airfares to different cities each week.
  2. Emirates Airlines is offering free accommodation, including breakfast, at the Address Downtown Burj Dubai for visitors to the UAE who book first and business class tickets between May 15 and September 15.
  3. Qatar Airways is also providing offers for select cities through its website.
  4. Air Arabia which recently launched flights to India and Athens has attractive packages for passengers from India to travel to Greece, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf.
By: William Brentster

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