Friday, June 13, 2008

lord jagannath

hii evaryone...this is hindol..this april i visited puri along with my family...its thrilling to be back in puri again.this is my 3rd time in puri and i love the sea very much.we checked in hotel diamond palace in the new marine drive region and could get a glimpse of the sea from the hotel rooms.we had our bath every day in the sea though the sea shore had been damaged very badly due to tsunami of 2004. the sea was equally rough and due to the broken shore its quite tough to remain in the water specially for thoose who dont know how to friends be carefull next time. on the next day that is day 2 we went to jagannath temple.but the temple region had several pickpocketers and thus we lost some money over again be carefull.on day 3 we went to the local sight scene. first we were taken to konarak sun temple.lord jagannathits pleasant to see the temple under renovation. we took several snapshots over there. our next destination was lingoraj temple.
from there we were taken to dhauli giri , khanda giri and udaye giri. we had our lunch at konarak temple. the lunch was not so good but one had to be satisfied with that one as there r no better food stalls available over destination was nandan kanan wildlife sanctuary.the condition of wild lives is really pathetic in nandan kanan.specially we felt pity for the tigers, other animals that we got to see over there were rhino,deers,peacock etc.we were back to our hotel within 7.30 in the evening.
about the local sight scene in puri one can hire a car and go for sites like pisi'r bari, masi'r bari,guru sishya ashram ,sarna gaurango temple etc.
another beautiful spot that can be explored is a place almost 5kms away from new marine drive called mohona. its a place where a river is meeting the sea. the place is quite beautiful and one can have a picnic over there. one can go to mohona by foot which is quite laborious or by rickshaw.
another tour from puri is chilka tour. chilka as all knows is the lasgest lagoon of india and it covers three districts of orrissa. we visited chilka in 2003. for chilka again we hired a bus from the bus terminus near puri the chilka one can hire goverment boats or private boats. the cost per person during that time was rupees 100 per head. the boats will take the tourists to the sea mouth i.e. where the sea is entering the chilka lagoon. its a awasome place,with casuarina trees all over.local people sell fish there at a very cheap can have a glimpse of migratory birds during winter months and dolphins in the lagoon r also present. its a fascinating place.
another tour that can be conducted from puri is that of chandipur and gopalpur.
during the evening we used to spend our time walking along the roads of swargadwar,a busy market area with lots of shops and foodstalls. in the morning walking along the sea is also very pleasant.the view of sunrise is a must.its an awesome view.

another place of interest in puri is the light house on the new marine drive. we went to the light house when we visited puri in 2003. the entry fee during that time as far as i could rememeber was ruppes 10 per head for adults and rupees 5 for can get at the top of the light house from where one could get a vast view of the sea. moreover a large portion of the city can be seen from the top of the light house along with the jagannath temple.

picture:(from top)lord jagannath;konarak temple;lingoraj temple;dhauli giri; mohona; sea view from mohona; lake chilka;sunrise .

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